Are you a Manufacturer Searching for New Market Opportunities ?

Here is what we can do for you.

Sales Development - Generate solid revenue from new markets.

Suggest marketing plans – Product placement within maintenance or production programs.

Prospective and Sales data reporting. You need to know where, when, why and how your products are selling. We let you know.

Offer local support – We train our Staff on your products.

Certification services. Want to standardize your new product? We will help getting it certified by major aircraft manufacturers.

Our current developments for improved service:

Logistics hubs - We are expanding to the Middle East, United States & Europe. More stock, in more sites.

Inhouse software for faster, manufacturer customized, administrative processing and business intelligence analysis.

Communication - You are looking for “José”, and they are offering “Hose B”? Funny, but unproductive. Our international team is fluent in 6 languages and growing...

Do you need urgent assistance in generating fast revenue? We offer free consultancy services. (link to free consultancy services).